Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Seating Style

Long gone are the days of chair covers and sashes, hello to the days of custom styled seating.
beautiful chairs and making a statement.
While I still love the Americana white folded chair, it definitely has its place in ceremony set ups, these chairs are not great if your a 6'4" man, they aren't comfy, they are pretty small so for a long sit down event I say go for something else...

pretties available now to Adelaide brides

snippet and ink. white chavari (also available in clear and gold)

coco cozy - Ghost Louis .. l.o.v.e these

the Nichols - hay bale seating... *swoon*

 white room events - ceremony - highbacks

of course I'm always open to creating unique seating options .. so many things you could use.

Enjoy xo

Planning : Father's Day

Fathers Day in Australia is on Sunday week, the 5th of September.
It marks the start of spring, I love it.

I have started to prepare what will be a simple lunch to honor my own father and my children's
father, who also happens to be my husband.
Dad's all over the world get up everyday and work so hard, sometimes in uninspiring jobs to provide for there families, I thought Id do a post as a 'gentle' reminder to think ahead and maybe plan a special lunch, breakfast or dinner for the fathers in your life.

My husband 'MV' is a real foodie, so a nice long lunch is in order. Followed by some yummy desserts
a beautiful table, not sure what is on the menu yet, (some coke for drinks, his favorite but rare treat will feature I think) or how the table will be set but I will make it special.

He is so special to my 3 boys and I.

Some great menu ideas can be found at

Monday, August 9, 2010

Woodland Party .. the beginning

For my son's 4th birthday party we are doing a 'Woodland Animal' theme,  we decided on this theme because of his love of owls and creatures in general and my love of Gnomes, toadstools and Mr. Fox.

There are some beautiful woodland parties on the internet that are so inspiring, my challenge was to make ours unique, I was inspired by the beautiful folk style fabrics from Denmark and have used these as my starting point... Still a few months to go, but I have started sewing and styling to my hearts content..
I look forward to sharing the finished product..
because Gnomes (and woodland creatures) make people happy.. they just do.

The 'Gnomes' book that started my ever so slight obsession

Somewhere to store your Gnome

crochet toadstool

collected so far... cant wait to show you what all of this becomes

Friday, August 6, 2010

A word on style .. from CC

True style has nothing to do with the designer clothes you wear, the timepiece on your wrist, or the car that you drive or your zip code. True style is a sense of self, a confidence and graciousness that is evident to everyone you come into contact with. It's about how you conduct yourself; behaving with consideration and respect toward others. Your wedding isn't just another party; it's an opportunity to make a statement of style to your friends and family, as individuals and as a couple, to be the consummate host and hostess.

There are so many ways to make your guests feel welcome, even though the focus is on you, be gracious, considerate and conscious of your guests at all times. By making every single guest as welcome and as comfortable as possible you'll be setting a true example of what style really means.

The always stylish Colin Cowie

Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Blog

Welcome to The White Room blog....

a one stop blog for White Room Events & White Room Interiors.

Looking forward to sharing the beautiful events we create and you can follow my journey into interior styling.

I have some amazing events and projects coming up in the next few months so thought a blog the perfect way to show you all the behind the scenes gorgeousness as it unfolds...