Monday, September 27, 2010

Sweet - Pink & Aqua

LOVED these cookies from

I loved making this, I have an obsession with cake flags and cake bunting.

obligatory dessert buffet shot - yum

 cake from very good and delish

beautiful raspberry, coconut and peppermint macarons from Nonna's Pantry

cupcake wrappers - The Cupake Wrapper Co.

The brief for this bridal shower was 'suprise me' and I got a sneak peak at the bridesmaid dresses, which I then used as the inspiration.
I love doing this table, not only was the bride to be Lia absolutely so nice and lovely, she was sweet, easy going and just a great gal. The photos were taken by the beautiful Emma Sharkey of and she did a wonderful job.

Thanks so much Girls xo

Friday, September 24, 2010

In a nutshell .....

image via - we heart it
Cookie cutter weddings… not for me… yawn!

Adelaide folks about to tie the knot need to know the is change in the air for those who seek it,
I create stylish, modern, fresh and original events; I will promise you a wedding that is joyful, creative and fun. My goal is to help you define your style, we create innovative concepts and custom design original elements by sourcing coolness and designing and making handmade loveliness.

image via - once wed
I have an extensive range or d├ęcor/props and hire items that we are expanding constantly collecting most items from flea markets or custom making them we love to bring it all together.
I am passionate about making each of the events I create shout out each bride and grooms individual personality’s making their wedding one everyone remembers.

bridal shower - sweet table
White Room Events

Wedding season is finally here and I cant wait to start rolling out the events I have booked in.
Beautiful creative brides and grooms and so much custom made goodness I really am more than busting to share.
So ... If you ache for a wedding or event that is different to the rest and has YOUR style written all over it?

contact me at

Sunday, September 19, 2010


My 3 boys ages 13, 9 and 3 adore the movie ‘UP’ it’s one we watch over many times and enjoy.
My husband and I planned a family holiday in a few weeks time and I thought I would surprise them
with a ‘sweet table’ … ‘Adventure is out there’

Along with the usual cake, cupcakes I had beautiful hot air balloon and cloud shaped cookies from I also made yummy chocolate brownies and a juice refreshment.

Then each one of the boys has their own little 'scout book' for journaling the trip we take,
we have done this on all our holidays such a great keepsake.
I have worked with my dear friend Jennifer Sando of  on a few projects recently and asked her if she would be so kind to come and take some snaps before the boys tucked in to the goodies.

I really wanted the table to capture ‘The Spirit of Adventure’ and to make it very ‘UP’ with out being to ‘merchandised’ The cake bunting was made from hot air balloon stamps and I used some of our favourite quotes in elements on the table.

And because the love that Carl and Ellie have in the movie, we have a little ‘Ellie badge’ for us all to wear while we travel (both from etsy).

It’s simple but fun and was inexpensive and easy to create I’m sure it will be in the memory bank of the boys for years to come, the boys LOVED it.

Make sure you check out and 'like' her facebook page
over here

We were featured on the Aparment Thearpy blog OhdeeDoh .. very cool.
Not bad for a first time submission - woop woop...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fathers Day

This post is running late.... better late than never hey?

It's to wish the Dad's out there a Happy Father's Day.
We had a lunch for my father and my husband, I love the little days like these.
On such occasions we don't make a fuss with presents, unless they are handmade.
We just make sure we celebrate, so it as all about the Dad's...
The Menu was of course filled with Father's favorites
Cheese platter (okay, so this may have been mainly for me)
Red wine and maple syrup Lamb shanks, mashed potato, steamed veg, salads, a beautiful crusty bread.
home made apple pie and ice-cream followed by home made toffee apples..
Of course a crossword and some fun on the table never hurt anyone either.

To my Dad and My husband, who my children are truly blessed to have as a Dad.
and to all the other Father's out there.

I hope you had a lovely day.