Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Planning : Father's Day

Fathers Day in Australia is on Sunday week, the 5th of September.
It marks the start of spring, I love it.

I have started to prepare what will be a simple lunch to honor my own father and my children's
father, who also happens to be my husband.
Dad's all over the world get up everyday and work so hard, sometimes in uninspiring jobs to provide for there families, I thought Id do a post as a 'gentle' reminder to think ahead and maybe plan a special lunch, breakfast or dinner for the fathers in your life.

My husband 'MV' is a real foodie, so a nice long lunch is in order. Followed by some yummy desserts
a beautiful table, not sure what is on the menu yet, (some coke for drinks, his favorite but rare treat will feature I think) or how the table will be set but I will make it special.

He is so special to my 3 boys and I.

Some great menu ideas can be found at

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